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Everything stays in the loop - that is part of cirQit's vision! Whether developers, producers, installers, operators or service technicians, everyone has access to the latest electrical circuit diagrams and system documentation during the entire life cycle of an electrical system.


To this day, electrical circuit diagrams and technical documents in switching, control and distribution systems are filed on site in paper form. Over the years, these are often lost in whole or in part, become illegible and changes are not conscientiously followed up.

We want to ban paper schematics from the switch and control cabinets.


In future, there will only be one QR tag in the control cabinet. The documents can be called up and viewed via a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

A simple drawing editor is integrated in the cirQit app. On the mobile device, changes can be drawn in by hand on site and saved. Saving sends a message to the creator of the schematic. He can adjust the changes on his CAD and save the revised original as a PDF on the cloud.

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