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Register and create your first circuit diagram in just 3 minutes!
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Implementing new software in a company costs money, time and a lot of nerves until it runs stably and in line with requirements... Not with cirQit! It only takes 3 minutes to register on the cirQit cloud and create your first digital circuit diagram! Not possible? You can! We have the video proof.

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Short training course with aperitif
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Don't miss 30.01.2024 in Winterthur! The cirQit short training course followed by an aperitif. The cirQit team cordially invites you to an entertaining evening in which we present the future of electrical system documentation. In just over an hour, we will playfully introduce you to the functions and workflow of the cirQit web app. Experience live how you can register on the cirQit cloud in just a few minutes, create a digital circuit diagram and...

New cirQit version online
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🌞☀️ The light is here, patience has paid off! ☀️🌞 The latest version of the cirQit web app has been online since today 🍾 The most significant change concerns the upload and organisation of additional documents. It is now possible to create folders for the various attachments in which you can also store web links directly! 📁 + 📃 + 🕸...

Steiger 2024
cirQit is in the Steiger calculation 2024
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04.12.2023 Four weeks ago, we approached A.Steiger AG with the idea of whether it would be possible to generate a tariff item for our digital switching plan. We were welcomed with open arms and Fix was still able to create the 2024 version. Many thanks for the support and the quick and uncomplicated implementation. We are very happy...

Post Sps 1
That was the SPS trade fair in Nuremberg
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SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2023 was exciting, varied and thrilling for us! The first trade fair outside of Switzerland was challenging and instructive. From the journey there with the customs clearance of exhibitor goods to setting up, the many encounters with visitors, the party on Wednesday, the cancellation and the return journey, everything was new. Whether the...

ePlan briefly explained tests cirQit
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At the SPS - Smart Production Solutions trade fair in Nuremberg, we were delighted to receive a visit from Kai Hennings from ePlan kurz Erklärt. Kai tested our web app shortly before the trade fair. You can find the tutorial on his YouTube channel. Be sure to watch it, it's worth it!

The latest cirQit version with geo-tagging is online
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The latest cirQit version with geo-tagging is online! Mark the location of your control cabinets that you manage with the cirQit AG web app and googlemaps will take you there directly using the route planner. Hard to believe? Then register and test our tool completely free of charge:  

When innovations meet
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We are very happy! With Acino Pharma International, a renowned Swiss pharmaceutical company has decided to use the cirQit web app. Acino will gradually digitise the technical documentation at all three Swiss sites. We support the internal electrical and automation team whenever questions arise. In return, we have already been able to receive exciting input on how we can improve our...

Vinci Actemium Cirqit
Actemium Nuremberg and Munich
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With the two BUs (Buiness Units) Nuremberg and Munich, two branches of the Actemium Group Germany have decided to use the cirQit app. In this context, cirQit was recorded as a supplier of the entire Vinci Energies Group Germany. With around 640 branches with various companies in the electrical sector, a huge potential of new customers opens up for us....

Can it be a little faster?
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The new cirQit version v1.12.0 is online! It has only one new feature, but it's a really fast one! We were able to optimise the download speed many times over, making working with cirQit even more fun! ATTENTION: For existing installations, the first download in the new app version takes quite a long time. We have to compress the file first....

Let's rock the States
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With our freshly translated explainer video, and the English Webpage and Web-App Version, we are well prepared for the English-spoken market. So then: USA, UK, Australia, and all others, prepare for cirQit!

Upload photos as attachments
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You can now upload photos directly to the "Additional documents" folder using your smartphone or tablet camera. Watch the tutorial in the DE, FR and ENG version in the video.

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