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New trade fair presence
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Our graphic designer has done a great job! The design for our stand is taking shape. Many thanks to Monika from "Die Pause GmbH" in Frauenfeld for the casual and relaxed collaboration. We are looking forward to arousing the curiosity of visitors with the new appearance at various events in 2023. See you: Innoteq: 7-10.3.23

The next milestone is here, the full text search in the PDF schematic!
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With the new PDF full text search, our cloudapp now offers another function that saves you time and nerves! Whatever you want to find in the schema, enter text in the search field and cirQit displays the corresponding schema pages!

cirQit - the explanatory video is here!
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The new explanatory video is online, cirQit explained in 100 seconds! Watch it now!

Document folder for a single-family house
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Who has not experienced this? The single-family house has been installed, SINA and the measurement report have been completed, and the owner has moved in with satisfaction! Now someone, sometime, should create the property folder and hand it over to the homeowner... cirQit can help here too! The easiest way is to use our tool during the planning and construction phase. PS: Perfectly scalable also for MFH

The new handbook is online
688 458 cirQit

With the latest cirQit version 1.6.0 we have also revised our manual and made it available for download. Download manual Contents: - Register - Create folder hierarchy - Create device - Upload documents and schema - Logbook entry - Schema editor - User administration

New function in the cirQit editor
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The new update brings colour into the editor! Lines and text can now be inserted in red, blue, green and orange as well as black!

From now on you get a QRC for free with every new registration!
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Register as a user on the cirQit cloud and receive your first QRC free of charge! Test the possibilities and functions without time pressure. You can also try out the assignment of user rights with a second account without any problems. Go ahead, register and test: Questions about function and application? Book a free LiveDemo.

Hard on the wind to success
1024 768 cirQit

The confidence of the rainbow behind us, the sun on our faces, hard on the wind to success. cirQit is on course! The latest release 1.5.0 gives us tailwind, the performance of the cirQit app has been significantly improved. 1. upload and download speed optimised 2. size and quality of the PDF remains the same during upload and download 3. reload from cache is...

Digitalisation as an opportunity for the future
810 422 cirQit

Today, thick folders with printed electrical circuit diagrams are a common sight in the workshops of most switchgear manufacturers. When wiring, the automation technicians work their way through hundreds of schematic pages and gradually cross off the connections they have made. The pages with references are marked with paper clips, ballpoint pens and inserted screwdrivers. Changes and additions are...

cirQit Version 1.4.1 Online
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With the latest version, a central function of the cirQit web app is finally available. From now on, administrators are notified of changes to the stored electrical scheme and the logbook entry is created automatically! Of course, a message is also sent in case of deletions.

Login revised
662 638 cirQit

In the latest release of the cirQit app, we have once again implemented some of our customers' wishes. There is now a login as an anonymous user. Service technicians who scan the QR code on site but are not registered on the cirQit cloud can log in easily and view the stored data. By default, anonymous users have read-only access to public and private devices. With...

Member of the VSAS
1024 509 cirQit

cirQit would like to thank the Swiss Switchgear and Automation Association for accepting us as a sympathetic member A. We look forward to shaping the future of the industry together with the switchgear manufacturers and automation engineers!

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